The Science Of Creativity


(Joe Rogan on the sensory deprivation tank)

>  Float tanks aid self-introspection and development

>  Float tanks create an ideal environment for meditation

>  Float tanks have been called “the gateway to the creative mind”

>  Increases feelings of self-confidence, self control and serenity

>  Float tanks have been shown to improve post operative recovery

>  Top tech entrepreneurs use float tanks as a source of innovation

>  Float tanks create hemispheric and whole brain integration

Float tanks are an ideal environment to naturally shift your brainwave output from typical beta brainwaves (normal day-to-day operations dealing with the outside world) and gradually shift them toward achieving theta state (associated with a quieting of the body and busy thoughts whilst allowing the more interesting, creative, unrecognised parts of the brain to come to consciousness).

Achieving theta state is something that happens naturally while in the float tanks as the body and the “monkey-mind” start to quiet, giving way to more profound modes of consciousness. One characteristic of theta state is what is called hypnogogic imagery (hip-nuh-gog-ick). Hypnogogic imagery is that fleeting moment before you fall asleep when your minds eye visualises vivid scenes and images. Theta brainwaves and the hypnogogic images therein have been closely likened to the zen mindset of yogis, master meditators, and individuals with elevated consciousness. There are infinite possibilities of consciousness within the float tank and within the theta state. The floater need not (at least in the beginning) have knowledge of any method or technique for achieving these states….she/he only needs to lie back and relax into the water.